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The graph above shows the organic traffic of an EIS SEO client over the past year. Organic traffic is how much traffic is “naturally” (organically) reaching the site via the search engines–without paid advertising. As you can see, once EIS takes over the SEO for a domain, as we did in July of 2015 for this site, the amount of organic traffic skyrockets, meaning MANY more leads and A LOT more sales!

You can view the full and current reporting graphs for yourself by clicking this link: ACHeck21 report |

What Does Easy Internet Solution Specialize In?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Media Buys, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Content Based Advertising, Social Media Marketing … and more! You name it, EIS does it!


Photoshop, Illustrator, Video Creation, Audio, and more… When it comes to design, you don’t have to find an outside company to work hand-in-hand with EIS. With over a decade of experience in design, we can do it all.


A designer can only take you so far. If you want a truly custom or proprietary solution, you need someone who understands “how to build the damn thing.” While EIS isn’t a full blown programming shop, we have years of experience when it comes to hopping into any code, including HTML5, CSS, PHP, C, Javascript, and more. Furthermore, EIS has networking experience and understands the fundamentals on which the entire web runs.

Sales & Content

Despite rapid advances in technology across every sector of the globe, communication remains one of the key focal points for any organization or product. Getting your message across–and getting it across correctly–is a precious resource none of us can afford to lose.

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Due to our focus on quality and success, EIS does not take on more than 3 full-scale marketing and design agreements at any time. Currently, we have one spot available.inquirenow-button

Work History & Portfolio

*PLEASE NOTE- EIS has a far more extensive portfolio than what is listed below, but for purposes of privacy, we don’t publicly list all of our work. Feel free to contact us to see more.

Ansira Web Development & Marketing Agency | 2016 to Present

These are some recent websites EIS collaborated with Ansira marketing and development on.




Bethesda Temple Church | 2016 to Present

EIS has assisted Bethesda Temple Church with a complete redesign with the church’s website.


TechSavvyStaffing.com | 2016 to Present


TechSavvyStaffing.com is a current and ongoing project.

ReserveUpdates.com | 2016 to Present

ReserveUpdates.comreserveupdates-screenshot is a current and ongoing project.

eSmartpayments.com | 2016


EIS created the new eSmartPayments.com website in early 2016.

ACHeck21.com | 2014 to Present


EIS has worked with ACHeck21.com, (DCS Holdings Group, DBA Diversified Check Solutions LLC & ACHeck21®) since January of 2014. Initially, EIS was contracted to complete a redesign of ACHeck21.com, but has handled much of their marketing and sales since.

EIS continues to work with DCS to this day, completing SEO for the ACHeck21.com site, as well as performing updates and designing videos and content for the company’s product line. To this date, since EIS took over the SEO for ACHeck21.com, the site’s daily organic traffic has increased by 3000%, as seen in the graph below.


Product Videos Created For ACHeck21 By EIS

Identalocker.com | 2015 - Present


EIS took over the redesign and marketing of Identalocker.com in 2015. However, several changes in the industry and with the product line have slowed the project’s marketing down considerably. As such, it is still a work in progress.

ReadySetGlass.com | 2016


EIS created the Dallas area based glass provider called Ready Set Glass in 2016 and assisted them in marketing in the area via Google Adwords..

AuthorGabrielNorth.com | 2012 - Present


In addition to specializing in design, development, and marketing & sales, EIS owner Chris Wilmsmeyer is also a self-published fantasy fiction author. His debut novel, BOUND BY DECEIT, written under the pen name Gabriel North, was released in late 2013 and has averaged 4.7 out of 5 stars in all of its reviews, including 5-star reviews from a top 500 and top 1,000 reviewer on Amazon.

All design work for Gabriel North materials including website, graphics, book cover, book interior, and the actually written novel, are a product of EIS owner Chris Wilmsmeyer.


DrGunnUrology.com | 2013 - Present


EIS designed this website and has created several pieces of content for Dr. Kris Gunn’s Urology practice based out of Jasper, Indiana.

VisionPropertiesSTL.com | 2015 - Present


EIS designed and hosts this simple one-page scrolling mini-site for a new charitable organization in the St. Louis area known as Vision Properties STL.

KlosBandB.com | 2012 - Present



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Due to our focus on quality and success, EIS does not take on more than 3 full-scale marketing and design agreements at any time. Currently, we have one spot available.

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